The gospel

The gospel

The gospel. The good news of Jesus.

The gospel is the good news that God rescues people from death and gives them life! This good news is the message that means so much to us, and is the foundation of our life and joy.

As we talk about the gospel, we need to look at 4 realities…

God – The gospel begins with God. God is the supreme authority in the world, and He is completely holy, good, perfect and loving. God is the all-knowing and all-powerful creator of the universe. God created the world and people to glorify Himself, and He created people to enjoy a relationship with Him. There is a problem, however.

Man – People are made in the image of God, and we are created to know, enjoy, worship and serve God. The problem is that because of sin, we are separated from God and in need of rescue. We come into the world spiritually dead, and we remain that way unless someone outside of us steps in. We are sinners, and we deserve God’s judgment. And we will experience the fullness of that judgment, unless something changes. This is the bad news. But good news is on the way!

Jesus – God did for us what we could never do for ourselves. God sent Jesus to die for our sins. Jesus stood in our place, died for our sins, and took  on himself the judgment we deserved. In his death, Jesus secures complete forgiveness for all who belong to him. Not only that, in his death Jesus secures complete righteousness for all who belong to him. Jesus rescues us and gives us life!

Response – How do we get in on this good news? By believing in Jesus. We turn from our sin and we turn to Jesus, believing he is the one who saves us from death and gives us life. When we believe in Jesus, we are declared forgiven of our sins and we are declared righteous. We are given a new identity as children of God and we are placed into God’s family. We are given joy, peace and purpose in this life. We are given the promise of spending eternity with God.

This is the gospel, the good news of Jesus. We pray that you would believe in Jesus.